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CNC Chucking Lathe Control Allen-Breadley 9/Series Turnex

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Complete retrofit year 2000
Model: DA-4000
Maximum diameter to be machined
Hob. dia. 35mm145mm5" 23/32
Hob. dia. 50mm130mm5"
Maximum face width minus starting cut110mm4" 11/32
Maximum hobbing depth6mm15/64"
Maximum pitchModule 212D.P.
Minimum number of teeth6
Minimum number of teeth with special indexing mechanism2
Smallest distance from main spindle face to hob center65mm2" 7/8
Main spindle taperMorse #4
Main spindle bore24mm1"
Capacity of collet chucking attachment3 - 18mm1/8 - 23/32"
Diameter of hob arbors8 - 13-16-22mm
Maximum hob diameter50mm2"
Maximum width31mm1" 7/32
Maximum adjustment (hob shift)20mm25/32"
Number of hob revolutions fro 145 to 900 rev./min.9
Longitudinal feeds: Indexing gearing
4:45 from 0.23-1.4mm/rev.of main spindle 12
2:45 from 0.06-1.4mm/rev. of main spindle 10
1:45 from 0.12-1.4mm/rev. of main spindle 8
Plunge feed - longitudinal feed x 0.546 - fixed ratio
Hp required app.2
Net weight of complete machine1250kg2 700 lbs
Floor space130 x 75cm59" x 32"

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